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Taylor Swift pulled out all the stops for the first live performance of her new single, “ME!” with Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco. It was at the Billboard Music Awards Wednesday night (May 1) and featured a pastel-covered marching band and channeled the kind of epic bright aesthetic that she’s known for. I hope you like bright colors because there are a lot here.

Swift’s grand show kicked off with a storm of drums crashing around the venue. The stage was illuminated in a soft lavender as the pink pastel drummers came out twirling drumsticks and pounding bass drums and attacking snares. Swift strode on stage after they parted for an opening as flares shot into the sky. As the drummers left, a chorus of women clad in different pastel-colored suits took the stages with handbags for a flowery routine, followed by Urie floating onto the stage via an umbrella. It capped off a magical performance that was bright on the eyes and easy on the soul.

Swift just released “ME!” last week along with an accompanying video that she co-directed, featuring a pink snake that bursts into a gathering of butterflies. In a brief call-in interview on the Zach Sang Show earlier this week, she revealed that the name of her forthcoming album is hidden in the “ME!” video. After seemingly leaving her Reputation era firmly behind her, it looks like the singer’s on to brighter pastures.

Watch the bright, cheery, and slightly magical performance up above.

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