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Game of Thrones fans will appreciate: Perilous relationships; treachery; romance; sex; historical setting; great cinematography; forbidden lovers; thrones

What’s it about? It probably makes perfect sense to watch a period drama after Game of Thrones, since it’s closest in tone and setting to the fantastical series, and The Spanish Princess should tick all the boxes you’re looking for nicely. Braids. Crowns. Costumes. It has all of that in spades, plus a little romance. Following the teenage princess Catherine of Aragon, daughter of Spanish rulers Isabella and Ferdinand, it follows Catherine’s journey to England where she meets her husband-to-be: Arthur, Prince of Wales.

At first, she’s thrilled, thinking she’s been receiving romantic letters from Arthur, when all this time it’s actually been his brother Harry, Duke of York. Plans suddenly change, and after Arthur is out of the picture, Catherine sets her sights on another romantic suitor. As you can imagine, complications ensue.

Where to watch: You can stream The Spanish Princess via Starz.

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