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I fell in love with AJR the first time I heard “Sober Up,” a bittersweet plea to a loved one to help someone “feel something again,” with a whimsical singsong chorus and some help from Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo to bring it full circle as a track that felt like light pining for a relationship from the past. So when I heard “100 Bad Days,” the group’s latest single, I fell for it, too. The indie-pop trio penned a track all about taking the lemons life unceremoniously tosses at you and making the sweetest lemonade you’ve ever tasted – or one killer story about how one of them gave you a black eye. It soars as a reminder that no matter what negativity you face in your everyday life, you can turn it all into something great, or at least become more interested because of the experience. Brighter days are most certainly coming, no matter what you’re going through. —Brittany Vincent

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