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If Ava Max is the queen of championing misfits, then NCT 127 are her kings.

The “Sweet But Psycho” singer and the K-pop powerhouses have joined forces on a remix of Max’s “So Am I,” a collab she announced yesterday after unveiling the single’s yearbook-inspired cover art. The song instantly struck a chord upon its arrival back in March, and its emboldening message only resonates louder with more voices added to the mix.

That’s where NCT 127 come in — they lend more empowering, feel-good vibes with a fresh verse about appreciating someone who owns their originality. “Baby you’re lit, so am I / I think you’re real, so am I / I like your walk and your vibe,” they sing, before handing the reigns back to Max, who delivers the song’s central lyric with absolute conviction: “It’s OK to be different, ’cause baby so am I.”

“So Am I” is the follow-up to Max’s breakout hit, the radio-dominating “Sweet But Psycho.” For more on the rising pop star, check out her recent interview with MTV News.

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